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Love and Clayton Riles grew up in the small town of Lockhart, TX. Their parents were great friends and were active members in the same church organization for many years. The two knew they had many things in common being birthed by the same doctor in the same year and in the same hospital. As young children they attended kindergarten through Junior high together. As they entered High school their parents went in two different directions which separated them for some time but their bond remained unbreakable.


In 2017 Clayton accepted an HVAC position in San Antonio and moved shortly thereafter. More than 20 years later, God saw fit to bring Love and Clayton back together again. Marriage soon followed in March 2020.  Together Love and Clayton bring extensive knowledge of HVAC, customer service, Administration and dispatch to the Air Gods.  Entrepreneurship has always been an important aspect of their lives, So the newlyweds decided to open one of the only black owned and operated HVAC companies in the greater San Antonio area.


I came up with the name ‘’The Air Gods’’ in 2015. With all the winter unpredictability and untimely layoffs,  I decided that I wanted to start a black owned residential hvac company. With God as my anchor, one day I was sitting on my porch thinking of cool names that would separate me from the garden variety companies. Then out of nowhere it hit me!! From there I started getting my paperwork in order to launch the business. In the process of taking those steps, Hurricane Harvey came along and demolished the entire city of Houston. The project was put on hold due to the devastating circumstances. I slept on a high school gym floor set aside as a shelter for weeks contemplating my next move, then, I got a call from a local San Antonio company looking for hvac technicians. I accepted the position and transferred cities. I have since adopted it as my own and look forward to being an active presence in the community.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we ensure all of our technicians undergo extensive factory training twice a year. So when we arrive at a customer's  home, they are confident in their ability to properly diagnose, repair, and replace the equipment. We are committed to keeping up with industry standards and regulations that are changing daily. We offer the professionalism that is normally associated with big city companies, yet with the integrity and personal touch that you might expect from a small town company. from the professionalism of our office staff, to the dedication of our field personnel, we are dedicated to delivering you the best service possible. It is our hope that each interaction with the air gods will have you saying, ‘’now that’s what I call Heavenly service!!


Jacque is our Administrative Human Resources Representative 

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